Wilden Saniflo™ VC - 152 mm (6") [Obsolete]

This Product is no longer available

This product is now obsolete and no longer sold, however contact our friendly sales team using the details below for spare parts and servicing details.

Paul Cienciala:

01708 259870

Graham Longmire:

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Blaise Sonsa:

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Wilden's Saniflo™ VC pump was designed for even the most demanding solids handling applications commonly found within the sanitary industries. Whether your process requires the delicate handling of whole strawberries or mixed vegetables for pre-pared meal packaging, the Saniflo™ VC pump can take whatever you want to dish out. With various pump sizes offered, the Saniflo™ VC pump can move up to 10.2cm (4") compressible solids while protecting product integrity and increasing process yield.

If you are tired of a high percentage of your delicate process products being damaged during the pumping process, or you are introducing a pump into your process for the first time, the Saniflo™ VC pump is for you. From whole-muscle meat products to waste processing, this pump can meet your needs trouble-free while requiring little or no water. The Saniflo™ VC pump is a safer, faster and better solution to your pumping requirements.

685.8 mm Hg, 27" Hg, 9.33 mt water, 30.6 ft water

10.2 cm (4")