Wilden Saniflo DUS [Obselete]

This Product is no longer available

This product is now obsolete and no longer sold, however contact our friendly sales team using the details below for spare parts and servicing details.

Paul Cienciala:

01708 259870

Graham Longmire:

01708 259870

Blaise Sonsa:

01708 259870

The Saniflo" DUS system is designed for use with a Wilden P4 or PV4 pump to unload very viscous products from a variety of storage and transport drums. It incorporates a pneumatic piston system that acts upon a follower plate to assist in the removal of highly viscous products from drums. When the system is in service, the pneumatic piston lowers the follower plate over the drum onto the surface of the product. This optimizes the pump's suction condition so that the pump draws in the product instead of air and helps to prevent avitation. The use of a follower plate also eliminates the need for an inlet manifold, minimizing suction loses. Once in the pump, the product can then be pumped as needed to a secondary process or dispensing line.

Design Features:

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with all P4 and PV4 metal Original" Series pump models and PV8 Hygenic Series
  • Integrated control system (all pneumatic)
  • Base plate mounted (mobile)
  • 533 mm - 584 mm (21.0" - 23.0")
  • Pump sold separately